Our History

In 1918, a band of faithful believers began meeting in homes and at the Ferguson Elementary School to worship and to witness. That same year, the Ferguson family donated a parcel of land for the purpose of building a church. Six years later, in 1924, our first building was erected in West Dunbar. The church was named Farm First Baptist Church and was pastored by The Reverend John Robert Brown, who served faithfully from 1924 to 1926. In addition to pastoring our church family, Rev. Brown held offices in the Ministers and Deacons Union and the Mount Olivet District. At the time the church was built, Trustees Elizabeth Ferguson and Thankful Friend guaranteed payment of the debt.

Following Rev. Brown’s resignation, The Reverend Bishop Hill accepted the Call to Pastor Farm First Baptist Church; however, he died before beginning his assignment. Rev. Turpin and Rev. Gregory followed Rev. Hill. During Rev. Gregory’s tenure, Farm First was renamed Ferguson Memorial Missionary Baptist Church, in memory of Deacon Daniel Ferguson.

In 1928, The Reverend John Shadrack Tyree accepted the Call to Pastor Ferguson and served for seven years, offering guidance to the people of this community during the tumult of the Great Depression. Following Rev. Tyree’s resignation, Reverend John Quincy Adams and Reverend J. J. Clark served between 1935 and 1958.

On September 25, 1960, The Reverend C. C. Corbett accepted the Call to Pastor and he served faithfully until December 1979. Rev. Corbett was instrumental in re-building the Ferguson edifice, located across the street from our present location. That structure is located on the parcel of land donated by the Ferguson family, as was the original building. By the unction of the Holy Spirit, under the leadership of Rev. Corbett, Deacon Archie McClain and Deacon William Mosley, and with help of the membership and the community, the Ferguson family marched into the new study, choir room, kitchen, dining area and baptismal pool in 1970. Land for a parking lot next to the church was also purchased at that time.

Rev. Corbett was called from earth to glory on November 3, 1982. During the 20 years that Rev. Corbett pastored Ferguson, many souls came to know Jesus. In addition, several persons acknowledged their call to the ministry during Rev. Corbett’s tenure: The Reverend James Mosley, Bishop Melvin Mosley, The Reverend Edward Smith and The Reverend John Reese.

Our current pastor, The Reverend Emanuel Alphonso Heyliger began his tenure on May 1, 1980. Rev. Heyliger is a native of Guyana, South America. Before emigrating to the United States in 1977, Rev. Heyliger served as Minister of the United Mission of the Baptist, Congregational, Methodist and Moravian Churches; Director of Youth for Christ; an Executive of Jaycees International; Youth Advisor to the National Government; and in numerous other capacities. In 1978, Rev. Heyliger was licensed and ordained a Baptist Minister and served as an Associate Minister at the Metropolitan Baptist Church in Charleston. He served at Metropolitan until accepting the Call to Pastor at Ferguson. 

Under Rev. Heyliger’s leadership, our church family has been bountifully blessed. Our membership has grown to more than 400 members; we have purchased a church van, a sound amplification system, computer equipment, kitchen equipment and a host of other amenities which enhance the beauty of our church home and make it a comfortable environment for those who worship here. Perhaps the influence of Rev. Heyliger’s leadership is most noticeable in the successful completion of our church building program, which began with the April 5, 1988 ground-breaking. By the unction of the Holy Spirit, Rev. Heyliger has spearheaded one of the largest African-American Church building programs in the history of the State of West Virginia and in 1998; we celebrated the retiring of the debt. We thank God for the victory!

The church family looks to the future with hope and anticipation, knowing that eyes have not seen, nor ears heard, nor has it entered into the hearts of men those things that God has prepared for the Church of the Lord at Ferguson Memorial Missionary Baptist Church. God, our heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Ghost, has blessed us with a majestic array of pastors, past and present. While some of them planted the seed of faith and others watered that seed, we thank God that He gave the increase, as this branch of Zion has grown spiritually, numerically and financially from its humble beginnings eighty two years ago. Though we do not know what the future holds, we know Who holds the future. We shall go forth confidently, for our assurance is in Jesus Christ, who loved us and gave Himself for us.

A few of the milestones along the journey are as follows:

Congregation marches from the old sanctuary (across the street) to the new sanctuary.

May 7, 1989

Baby grand piano, purchased by the Music Department, dedicated.

June 18, 1989

Edifice dedicated to the Lord’s service. The Reverend Carlton A. Heyliger, Rev. Heyliger’s father, delivered the morning message, and Rev. Ronald W. English, delivered the dedicatory sermon.

July 9, 1989